perchè la precariomanzia
The tarots are considered only a vaguely original way to foretell the future. Actually reading the cards shows you all the forces both inside and outside of you, determining the development of events around you. Taken from this perspective, the tarots lose the banality of a magical trick and enter the realm of awareness, intelligence, self-perception and meditation. Which path should I tread upon? Which choice should I make? These are questions depending on the will and desires of those who want to face their future. Why did we connect the tarots and precarity? Of course we do not think that the struggle against precarity has a magical or occult side to it, but the characteristic of each card can be usefult to spur you to think about what happens around you and to suggest some strategies to re/act. Remember that each tarot has many meaning, some positive ones and some negative ones, and most of them acquire new meaning if matched with other cards during your pick.

We are precarious because our choices are limited by the blackmail of the companies, coming by the day with new and surprising shapes: the housing issue, the income lack, the job torture, the self-awareness of our body and soul, our educational system, the possibility to learn and share knowledges and technologies. Any of our sign, stemming from a punctual choice, is constrained by boundaries decided by others, who desire to compromise the meaning of our decision and to humiliate our symbols to make it a banal, predictable, marketable commodity. We are precarious because we are alone, kept away from informations and lacking the collective possibilities that made the proletariat a protagonist of industrial struggles and therefore the factories the center of a very strong conflict. If exploitation ways change, the mechanisms to oppose it have to move on as well.

The mayday parade talks of all this. In time, those who have been its protagonists have had the possibility to test that a Game (meant as a complex network of knowledge and interactivity, formation and builing, teamwork and sparkling intelligence) is a perfect tool for those who want to put back together the jigsaw of their existence and of other borthers lives as well. This process is not going to produce an immediate conflict effect, as many have noticed and said, but lead us to settle a network of skills, relationships and talents that gaves us a decise edge in many a struggle. This happens because precarity is the result of an evident weakness that cannot be overcome by easy and warring declarations, but that can only be defeated by clear minds, punctual choices and intelligent tools towards a clear aim. The Mayday Parade is this: a tool to build up strength among the precarious people. It is not a rethorical exercise of conflict. The Mayday Parade does not happen on the First of May, but lasts the whole year.

Some short last notes: all this network of tool-sharing and relationship building, of extended secret help among precarious workers and research of new ways to battle the towering power of companies crashing traditional forms of conflict, we named it Precarious Conspiracy. It is not a new organization. It's an organized attitude. We think that the only way we have to find out their future with reasonable chance to not be mistaken, is to conspire in their present.