come leggere i tarocchi

A bit of history

Tarots are cultural object in perpetual evolution. Their origin can be traced back as far as the Middle Ages: since the 1400s they have been reported in many European courts. The legend actually traces back Tarots to an ancient Egyptian text for initiates, the Book of Toth. Century after century the various cultures and social classes have produced a wide range of decks and iconography, mirroring their beliefs and their ethics, their esthetical values and their problems. Why shouldn't we do the same then? In the 21st century, the age of precarity and social transformation, where economical revolutions have destroyed the certainties our parents had built, we feel comfortable into tweaking a deck of our own.

How do i draw the cards from the deck?

The precarity tarots are a symbol to be interpreted so as to read the reality around us. They do not think they can actually foretell the future. The 22 «Major Arcana» represent desires, ambitions, or needs of our present, of our past, or our future. For this reason drawing the card from the deck is a bit like telling a story: any single card meaning depends on its position relatively to the other cards, to the one coming before or after it. The general characteristics of the tarot stay the same, but the interpretation becomes more and more precise depending on the position of the tarot itself, on the direction it has been draw as (upside down or normal) and on the narrative location of the card.

Precariomancy is simple and will allow you to have a general picture of a certain situation, to ascertain its pros and cons, and to divine its possibile future development. Be careful though: precarity tarots are not able to look very far in the future. To make your life better tarots are not enough: you will need to roll up your sleeves and struggle. Nevertheless the tarots could suggest you some words of advice on what to do.

First of all you need to formulate a precise question. Then shuffle the deck (if you care for esoteric sign you should do it seven times for the first question, and three for the following ones). Split the deck in two with the left hand, and pick from the second half your card in a sequence. The cards should be drawn with the left hand and should be placed as follows in front of the one reading the tarots:

			3° tarot= MEDIATION

	1° tarot=PROS			2°tarot=CONS
			4° tarot=RESULT
The first tarot you draw stands for what could help you and have positive influence, for what you should do concerning the question you posed. The second tarot you draw stands for difficulties you could meet, hindrances, negative influence concerning the question you posed. The third tarot drawn stands for the mediation between the previous card, whether the positive or negative influences will prevail. The fourth tarot drawn represents the probable outcome, or the answer to the your question. Summing up the previous four cards, you can draw a fifth one: put it in the center, since it stands for your general future possibilities.